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We provide a full range of services such as data recovery, custom PC builds, break/fix support, VoIP telephone support, hardware repairs, laptop screen replacements & much more! We are an I.T. Service Provider based in Frederick, MD providing service to Maryland, D.C. Virginia & West Virginia.

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On-Site Service

on-site service, computer repair Frederick MD

We provide On-Site Service to our customers. What this means is, we come to you. We take pride in being present in the communities that we service.

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Hardware Installation

hardware installation Frederick MD, Frederick MD, hardware installation

We will install any hardware into your computers, servers or networks that you purchase. If you purchase your equipment from us, we will provide a 90 day warranty directly though us.

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Hardware Diagnostics


If your computer, network or servers isn't working right, we will perform FREE diagnostics and give you a quote for repairs. Diagnostics is FREE, however, there is a $25 trip fee for a technician to come on-site to perform the diagnosti

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Computer Tutoring

computer tutoring

If you need help learning how to use your computer more easily, we can help! We will come to you and teach you how you can do the things you want to do so you aren't needing to always rely on someone to do it for you. 

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Custom Built Computers


We can custom build computers specific to your needs and specifications. Custom built computers start at around $500 and go up from there based on what exactly you are trying to achieve and the parts needed to achieve it. 

VoIP Phone Provisioning

VoIP Phone Service, Frederick MD, VoIP Frederick MD, Phone Service Frederick, Business Phone service

If you have a VoIP phone provider and need help implementing the phones we will come to you to program them and ensure they are setup to meet your needs. Pricing starts at $75 and is based on the number of phones and what you need them programmed to do. 

Data Recovery

Data Recovery Frederick MD, Frederick MD, Data Recovery

If your computer hard drive seems to not be running as smoothly as it used to, or if it stops working all together, data recovery can get your files off the bad drive safely. Data Recovery pricing starts at $75 for a basic in house hardware recovery. If your drive is in a more serious damaged condition or is experiencing a mechanical failure the cost could be much higher! STOP using the hard drive immediately if it starts making any noise!

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Home Networking

home networking

If you have a home network that just isn't performing and your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is telling you that your equipment and wiring is fine, it may be time to expand your network. We can help with both wired networks by running new CAT5e ethernet cabling for cables that are not performing properly, or help on your wireless network by adding signal repeaters or connecting a stronger wireless router. 

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Screen Replacement

Laptop Screen Replacement

Has your laptop screen seen better days? is it cracked? Does it have dead/non-working pixels? Does the LCD work but not the touch screen portion? We can fix that!

Price for repairs are $125 + the cost of parts

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Office Networking

cabling installation, Frederick MD, data cabling Frederick MD

If your office network needs to be updated or is just not cutting it, we can help. We can troubleshoot, test and detect the issues on your network. If you need to expand your network we can help there too. We can run CAT5e or CAT 6 from your network room to an where you need a physical wall jack installed, or we can expand your wireless infrastructure by installing additional wireless access points. Out growing your network in general? we can even help with expanding your network by installing new network switches, firewalls or patch bays. 

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Remote Supprt

remote desktop support, Frederick MD, remote monitoring and management

have a minor issue and you don't need us to come to you? We can perform remote desktop support! We will connect to your computer and see your screen as if we were there, many times this is the fastest way to resolve minor issues as long as the computer with the problem can connect to the internet. 

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Managed Services

Remote Monitoring & Management


Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) Is an A-la-carte managed service that we provide. This is a monthly subscription service for Linux, Mac &Windows. We also have a mobile solution for iPhones, Androids, iPads and tables. 

Managed Antivirus


Managed Antivirus (AV) is an add-on service for our RMM platform. With this service we monitor and manage your computers defense against malware, ransomware & viruses. Managed AV costs $5/mo/device

Managed Web Protection


Managed Web Protection (WP) is an add-on serivce for our RMM platform. With this service we can monitor the integrity of the sites being visited and block any unsafe, malicious web traffic. We can also whitelist or blacklist any specific sites for each unique customer or device. 

Microsoft Office


We are a licensed reseller of Microsoft products and services. We can manage your personal Microsoft Office subscription or your account for an entire business! We can even migrate your email services to Microsoft's Exchange Servers if you already have hosted email somewhere else.

Data Storage


Through our Remote Monitoring & Management tools we have the ability to backup your data securely to the cloud ensuring that in the event of a system failure your data is not corrupted and you have easy access to your data without the expense of a data recovery. 

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